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Why Cronos Chain?

Cronos Chain is a decentralized permissionless blockchain with high speed and low fees, designed to drive mass adoption of blockchain technology.

EVM Compatible

Cronos is built on Ethermint, this allows rapid porting of DApps, Tokens and Smart Contracts from other EVM chains like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon.

IBC Interoperability

Cronos, thanks to the Tendermint protocol, is able to communicate and allows the token transfer between all IBC-compatible chains like, Cosmos and Terra.

Connection Hub

Cronos is actually the only EVM chain IBC-enabled, it can work as a connection hub between the two ecosystems, attracting interest and capital from both sides.

User Base

Cronos will be able to attract users relying not only on its technical features, high speed-low fees transactions but also on the 10M+ active users of


Thanks to the Play-to-Earn growth and the rebranding of Facebook in Meta, the decentralized gaming sector is going viral in Q4 2021.

The Initial Game Offerings (IGO) are the last trend and Cronos Launcher aims to be one of the main actors in building the Cronos Metaverse supporting promising projects and giving players the chance to purchase and farm tokens before anyone else.

IGO (Initial Game Offering)


Cronos is a brand new ecosystem ready to be built, DEXes & Lending platforms are ready to develop, Indexes & Insurance protocols are ready to move from IBC-compatible and EVM blockchains and some Yield Optimizers & Aggregators have already done it.

Cronos Launcher is the first incubator and accelerator on Cronos, active since day one and ready to launch the future leading protocols of this blockchain.

IDO (Initial Dex Offering)


Natively born in the DeFi, DAOs are quickly taking control of the crypto world holding billions in assets and controlling the majority of the biggest DeFi protocols.

In a future dominated by DAOs, Governance tokens are the new standard in truly-decentralized projects giving to the holders voting power, revenue shares and further benefits giving the investors a key position in their development.

DAICO (Decentralized Autonomous ICO)


NFT collections are sharply rising, becoming mainstream and gaining the interest of mass media and famous personalities from all over the world, from NBA players to Hollywood stars.

Given its technical features, Cronos has the potential to attract a high number creators to become a hub for Wrapped NFTs and Fractionalized NFTs thanks to its interoperability and its cheaper fees.

Stake to Earn
NFTs Offering & Minting


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